Fill Your Sales Pipeline: 3 ways to attract more sign ups to your website


61% of people feel better about a company that delivers custom content and are more likely to buy from that company. (Custom content council) Attracting the customer and capturing his information is the first level of prospect conversion. Customer should like the ‘website’ and they need to ‘like’ the content to drop his information through sign up. Here are we discuss on how we can attract and sign up the customer

Segment your target audience

Hardly customer directly visits site. In order to get audience informed on your offers, we need to define the segment to be targeted. List out prominent customer needs and create content around the needs and solutions where the inbound marketing team publicize it through the relevant channel.  Accessing the current digital trends in the market will also be an added advantage.

Personalization of the content

90% of consumers find custom content useful. (Custom Content council) Customers have grown to get the specific answers than the generic one and plugging person’s name in the email is not worth enough.

The major characteristic of personalized content is its focus on people who matter to your business and understand the entire interaction history of everyone who visits the site. This customer intelligence can be implemented through various social tools like Hubspot Social Inbox. Also we have tools like Smart Content and Gravity to get content personalization up and running.

There are three major considerations for planning and mapping while crafting personalized inbound marketing. Channel based personalization (personalization in email, social media, on page and mobile), Persona based personalization (attributes and behavior) and Buyer journey (person’s position in the marketing and the sales funnel).

Call To Action (Landing page optimization)

Best tool available to convert the viewers is the implementation of the compelling landing page. Earning the customer trust is the key.  Highlighting benefits and meaningful headlines articulation attract people towards the landing page.

Align the landing page with your goal,  be crisp and get the message to the point, emotional connect, benefit of the campaign to be highlighted than its features, use action inducing language, writing in second person, include images, adding testimonials and  lead capture form fill up should be minimal. Above all, the design prowess in the landing page influences large in CTA.


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