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Fill Your Sales Pipeline: 3 ways to attract more sign ups to your website


61% of people feel better about a company that delivers custom content and are more likely to buy from that company. (Custom content council) Attracting the customer and capturing his information is the first level of prospect conversion. Customer should like the ‘website’ and they need to ‘like’ the content to drop his information through sign up. Here are we discuss on how we can attract and sign up the customer

Segment your target audience

Hardly customer directly visits site. In order to get audience informed on your offers, we need to define the segment to be targeted. List out prominent customer needs and create content around the needs and solutions where the inbound marketing team publicize it through the relevant channel.  Accessing the current digital trends in the market will also be an added advantage.

Personalization of the content

90% of consumers find custom content useful. (Custom Content council) Customers have grown to get the specific answers than the generic one and plugging person’s name in the email is not worth enough.

The major characteristic of personalized content is its focus on people who matter to your business and understand the entire interaction history of everyone who visits the site. This customer intelligence can be implemented through various social tools like Hubspot Social Inbox. Also we have tools like Smart Content and Gravity to get content personalization up and running.

There are three major considerations for planning and mapping while crafting personalized inbound marketing. Channel based personalization (personalization in email, social media, on page and mobile), Persona based personalization (attributes and behavior) and Buyer journey (person’s position in the marketing and the sales funnel).

Call To Action (Landing page optimization)

Best tool available to convert the viewers is the implementation of the compelling landing page. Earning the customer trust is the key.  Highlighting benefits and meaningful headlines articulation attract people towards the landing page.

Align the landing page with your goal,  be crisp and get the message to the point, emotional connect, benefit of the campaign to be highlighted than its features, use action inducing language, writing in second person, include images, adding testimonials and  lead capture form fill up should be minimal. Above all, the design prowess in the landing page influences large in CTA.


5 Free Ways To Draw Visitors To Your Website


Drawing traffic to the website is viewed as herculean task to most of the small and medium enterprise. Primary strategy of any marketer would be to draw as many viewers to his website.  78% of chief marketing officers think custom content is the future of marketing (Hanley-Wood Business Media). Insightful product information is continued to make viewers to engage and convert to leads. Here are the tips to draw authentic crowd to your site which pay long term results.

 Content creation

Content creation is the symbol of authenticity. B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those who do not blog. (Social Media B2B) Great content is current, talks about the issues and the solutions, amplify firm’s competency and above all it is a great weapon to get introduced to a client.

The advantage of content creation is that it eases the relationship building, check-ins, gather feedback, new customer requirements, referral selling and importantly lead generation. Always contextualize the content. 70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads. (Source: Content Plus) Understand the customer need and create content around the need to provide solution. The aim of the content is not selling but attracting the crowd with your solution to his problems.

Content Release

Content publishing should be regular and often. Experts recommend three content for a week, but I suggest content per day for beginners as they have numerous view points for solutions. Marketers with more than 15 blog posts per month average 1,200 new leads per month. (Hubspot) 

Great content produces exponential results and could win number of followers and readers for you but do not wait for a month to produce content for your readers. There are chances that content may not be well received all the time. Rebuilding or reorganizing the thoughts in a different context and publish the same content is also possible. The more content you publish, the more people are attracted and followed.

Social media

Content creation should be treated as your product to be sold in the market. Blog is the integral part of your strategy, now the content needs to be marketed to the targeted class. For example Tumblr attracts a younger/Millennial audience.  56% of Tumblr visitors are under 34 ( Mark Coatney Tumblr). 83% of Pinterest users are females between 18 and 34. 63% of Google+ users are men, who tend to post about technology. Two of the biggest user groups on Google+ are college students and software developers ( Capture hits marketing group). Understand the customer’s Four Square and use the social media tools to attack the pockets.

Apart from the Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, Slideshare is one of the major social media I recommend for any business.  Although time consuming compared to the blog, innovative pictorial brilliance will make your presentation featured in their home page which will attract thousands of viewers and followers to your brand at free of cost.

Fitting content to targeted social media

As we develop content we can restructure the same content and apply to other social media. For example: a blog’s idea can be reproduced in WordPress and blogger, can restructure to include photographs, attractive fonts, color schemes to use for slideshare.net, summarize the content to publish it in Tumblr, collate the whole idea in Pinterest to make it an image and an interesting infographics to produce it to Facebook and Linkedin.

Community building

As we discussed the various platforms of Social media, every time we produce content we are adding followers to our site. The growing community is the asset of any social media marketing success. Engaging the community and taking the feedback is very crucial for you to grow them even more.

Content is to be treated as a seed of a tree and all the activities are initiated from the seed. Yes, content is the key for your brand success.

5 Ways To Increase Your Customers With Appointment Setting Leads


The ability to assess and qualify opportunities accurately is a critical skill for any salesperson. Sales team use to spend 60% of their selling time for prospecting.

In the era of tablet enabled business selling, sales people are armed with advanced sales tools and chatter. 70% of the buying process is now complete by the time a prospect is ready to engage with sales. (Source: SiriusDecisions).  Such scenario aim of the sales person is only on closing the leads not prospecting.

Here are the four tips to double the sales using leads generated through appointment setting.

 1. Presentation to qualified leads

Aim to quadruple your appointment setting against your target, leveraging the service of a professional appointment setting firm. An instant jump in the number of presentations will help sales people to focus more on solutions and closing of business. Gain the trust and credibility of the customer by infusing relevant information and industry specific solutions. Implement Customer relationship management (CRM) for managing your company’s interactions with current and future customers. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support. It will help sales rep be productive by 32% more. ( Source: Salesforce)

 2. Faster revenue and quick growth

Appointment setting lead generation is a fast process of converting prospects. All other lead generation tactics  like inbound marketing will take months to produce results. This strategy will be extremely useful for the industries targeting firms having recurrent purchases and the unorganized sectors. Other industries include software, IT consulting & service, insurance, real estate and finance.

 3. Automate your research

Automate your search using the tools in the web which provide you with the latest news and alerts on your targeted clients. RSS reader, Google Alerts, Twitter private lists, LinkedIn company follow and free social tools like newsle, job change alerts and nutshellMail App are latest tools available. The latest information on the target not only help you to be proactive, but will make sales a lot easier. Information on key changes in the industry creates need, hence contact and close the sales earliest to give the competition no chance.

4. Invite prospect to follow your updates

After the official meeting, online account activation need to be established like follow the company, inviting to your network and feedback on your latest blog. Every company is interested to associate with industry experts. Ensure the blogs are regular and it is the best way to promote your intellectual capital, solutions, case studies to build trust and confidence of the prospect.

 5. Focus on needs and solutions not selling

70% of prospects will purchase in 12 to 18 months. (Source: TAS Group) As Early bird catches the prey, establish yourself as a trusted source early enough to get the advantage over your competitor. The content should always aim on the needs and solutions. Appointment setting lead generation may not result in an immediate sale but helps you to manage your future clients better. Channelize your efforts to attract targets to your service and offers.

The ultimate aim of lead generation through appointment setting is to grab as many clients as possible with the limited resources in the short time. Make short your sales cycle.

4 Best Practices Of Effective Sales Team 2013


Google, blogs and other internet trends have transformed the way people and business purchase products. Much business have outdated sales techniques for prospecting for qualified leads. 60% of the sales peoples time is spend for prospecting, which can be effectively used for sales closing and account management. Its time to rethink the sales strategy within the organization. Here are the four essential areas to focus on to gain efficiency in the business.

  1. Focus on the need

During the sales process, the focus should be on the customer challenges and uncoveing their need. Solution needs to be recommended only when the need is clearly understood by the customer. In order to satisfy customer needs companies have to optimize its resources to proactively answer the solution and find means and ways to support the company. Focus in the core business is the key. Clients don’t want to buy products, they want help. The best way to help them is with the solution & your expertise. Educating the customer is key rather than selling the solution you intend.

  1. Product is well known to the client before sales person strikes him

At present, 70% of the sales cycle would be completed before the sales person’s first meeting with the client. The information on any product and service is readily available in Google and in the era of strong inbound marketing tactics (leads generated through social media, blog and email marketing) companies are well versed with the market knowledge. As outbound sales (meetings, trade shows & business cards) is an expensive proposition,  it is recommended to educate customer through long term inbound marketing to attract them than chasing.

  1. Prospecting is not the responsibility of the sales person

Qualification of the sales leads are outsourced as the internal lead hunting leads sales team with lack of motivation, lack of focus, lack of proper training and support and unclear metrics. Specialize the sales team on closing and account management. If you can’t specialize today, create a plan on how and when you can.

  1. Objective of your customer in mind

Objective of any company should be with the customer to help him to achieve his objective. The resources are to be aligned in such a way that the solution to their issues and objectives are imbibed by the team to offer them the best solution. What we really need is the mindset shift that will make company relevant to customers today.

Its all about Appointment Setting


Article describes on What appointment setting is and the recent changes in the sales management. The content highlights are as follows:
1. Process of appointment settings
2. Steps to work along with an appointment setting company
3. Results expected out of an appointment setting campaign
4. Tips to evaluate the vendor
5. Reasons for outsourcing appointment setting
6. Why SME’s try appointment setting for sales closing?
7. Appointment setting strategy
Presentation recommends this as an excellent tool for SME’s for sales closing.

<div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”https://www.slideshare.net/TwinkleSebastian/its-all-about-appointment-setting&#8221; title=”Its all about appointment setting” target=”_blank”>Its all about appointment setting</a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”http://www.slideshare.net/TwinkleSebastian&#8221; target=”_blank”>Twinkle Sebastian</a></strong> </div>