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Swami Vivekananda – Life event summary


  • 1863 Born
  • 1881 In November Vivekanandamet Sri Ramakrihna (1836-1886), his guru, for the first time
  • 1882-86 Vivekananda was closelyassociated with Sri Ramakrishna
  • 1886 Vivekananda took the vow ofsanyas with his brother disciples onChristmas Eve, sitting around a fire in the compound of Swami Premananda’s house at Antpur, in Hooghly district
  • 1887 Vivekananda foundedRamakrishna Math in May at Baranagore in Kolkota
  • 1888-89 Years of close involvement withthe Math when he and his brothermonks led a life of severe penance and meditation under crushing poverty
  • 1890-93 These were his years as the Wandering Monk. He left the Math in July 1890 and travelled across Indian. During this periodhe acquired an intimate knowledge of the life of the toiling masses.
  • 1892 Vivekananada meditated for three days in December on a rock offKanyakumari. When he came backto the mainland, he had decided totravel to the West to seek help for India’s poor
  • 1893 Sails for the US from Bombay on May 31. Makes his first address at the parliament of religions at the Artinstitute in Chicago on September 11,and his final address on September 27
  • 1894-96Travels extensively in the US andEurope, lecturing and preaching
  • Returns to India via Colombo in January. Calls a meeting of his desciples, both monks and laypersons, in March at Balaram Bose’sHouse in Kolkota and announced the formation of the Ramakrishna Mission
  • 1898 Goes on a pilgrimage in northern India. In June he visits Kashmir with his disciples from the West
  • 1900 Arrives in Paris on August 1 to participate in the congress of the History of Religions. Travels toHungary, Rumania, Serbia, Bulgaria,Constantinople. Onwards to Athensand Cairo. Returns to Belur Math on December 9
  • 1901 Goes on a Pilgrimage in East Bengal and Assam with mother Bhuvaneshwari Devi
  • 1902 Returns in March from Varanasi to Belur math. Passes away at the Math on   July 4

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