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4 sales tips for uncovering the needs of customer

4 sales tips for uncovering the needs of customer

Best solution wins business. Solution comes though the thorough understanding of the needs and understanding needs should be backed by great questioning. The following tips help sales people to uncover the needs of companies before preparing the presentation.
1.) Create a mood match with the customer
Its interesting to know that the secret of success in any business deals lies in ‘You’ and not in ‘I’ or ‘My’. This makes customer feel that you are thinking about him and his issues, develops positive vibe in the conversation ultimately allow customer to open up more before the sales person. This in turn helps to establish a relationship with the customer.
2.) Where do we find the information about the customer?
The vision, mission, investor relation and press release are the not to miss pages in the website. The industry knowledge and the positioning of the company do matter. Word with the competitors decision makers (if you know any) and dealers help in understanding issues. Probing gatekeeper does add value to the final draft. It is recommended to directly call the decision maker during the appointment fixing to pull out information if required.
3.) How to frame questions?
A question has to be prepared from decision maker personal perspective and link his likes to products. Relevant questions can be framed from the goal, history and lifestyle of the customer. Questioning is the most obvious way to demonstrate our interest in their needs.
4.) Be prepared to listen
Listening is the key as the smallest detail could be the hottest button. Don’t think about your next question while your customer speaks. Size Up your listening skills by listening to the emotions in the story. Talk with the prospect.